Wednesday, April 26, 2006

All Energy is Solar

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about alternative energy. I gained a better understanding of energy when I came to the realization that all energy comes from the Sun.

No matter what kind of energy you consider on the Earth, it all originated with the Sun. Petroleum started out as organic material, grown by the Sun. Hydroelectric power wouldn’t be possible without the sun’s role in evaporation and condensation. Even wind energy is the result of the sun’s uneven heating of the planet as it rotates on its axis.

All energy is solar.

If all energy came from the Sun, where did the Sun get its energy? Well, the Sun is basically nothing more than hydrogen and helium. The Sun keeps these two elements in a constant state of nuclear fusion, giving off vast amounts of energy and generating more energy in a few seconds than we could ever use in our entire lifetime.

All energy is nuclear.

But what sets off such fusion? After all, hydrogen and helium are the two lightest elements in the universe. How can they get together to create energy? They do it by simple mass. The Sun is so big that by its sheer gravity, these tiny elements are held together and compressed to a point of fusion. If it wasn’t for gravity, the electrons and protons would simply float aimlessly in space.

All energy comes from gravity.

Gravity is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Nobody understands what forces are at work that draws two masses together. But it’s universal. Every mass attracts every other mass. It is that attraction that creates the energy that we get from the Sun. Yet nobody can explain.

Well, I can explain it. God is pushing things together. There can’t be any other explanation. If you can’t see the power of God's creation in the structure of a flower or in the engineering of the human eye, surely you have to admit that the only explanation for such a force is that gravity is the Hand of God.

All energy comes from God.

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